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Analog & Digital Communication

Push To Talk Devices

Push To Talk Devices

Our comprehensive team of electrical and mechanical engineers coupled with our manufacturing capabilities enable us to rapidly deliver high quality, custom designed Push To Talk devices.

A Push-To-Talk (PTT) device is an electronic component that is worn on the user’s body to improve tactical performance by seamlessly integrating a radio and a headset. Utilizing analog or digital circuitry, tactical push to talk allows the user to fully operate both devices. PTTs are an essential component in warfighter’s and first responder’s kits, enabling quick and effective communication.

Like many of the products manufactured at DEM, our push to talk assemblies are crafted to our customer’s highly specific needs, which has led to the creation of hundreds of Push-To-Talk devices for compatibility with various manufacturers’ headset and radio combinations. Unique audio, electronic, environmental and mechanical requirements are common for the individual models of Push-To-Talks that we manufacture.

We make Single and Multi-Channel, Fixed Cable PTTs and have even developed Modular platforms that allow users to select from numerous radio downlead cables that can be swapped out in seconds. As a push to talk manufacturer, we take great pride in manufacturing high quality, extremely detailed devices that please our customers and ensure reliability for the end-user. We back our reliability statement by testing our tactical comms setups multiple times throughout the manufacturing process.

What Sets Our Push-To-Talk Devices Apart?

Because we design, engineer and manufacture our PTT’s, including all electronic circuitry, we have full control over the unit’s functionality, quality and overall performance.


  • Underwater Submersible Operation Up to 20 meters
  • Clear and Consistent Audio
    • Custom designed PCB configured to each radio/headset configuration
    • Optimized sound quality, volume levels and resistance to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).
  • Virtually Indestructible
    • Ability to withstand pull forces in excess of 75 to 80 lbs.
    • Heavy Duty Switches
    • Overmolded for Additional Protection


Our robust design and stringent manufacturing practices result in a device that can withstand rigorous circumstances. For enhanced protection we overmold our Push-To-Talk devices.


100% of all Push-To-Talks we manufacture are QA/QC tested and inspected multiple times prior to shipment.

Custom Configuration Options

  • Variety of Tactical PTT Switch Types
  • Push Force
  • Underwater Submersion
  • Hot Mic Guards
  • RF Shielding
  • Cabling Designs
  • Straight or Coiled Cable
  • Auxiliary Connections (Protective Masks, Mobile Phones, etc.)


The overmolding process provides a clean, finished look to every device. Your logo, part number or other identifier can be embossed or debossed directly into the overmold layer.

We Supply Push To Talk Devices To:

  • All Military Branches (Combat Push To Talk)
  • Border Patrol
  • Coast Guard
  • Multiple NATO Allies
  • SWAT, Police and Fire