Custom Cabling & Connectors

Custom Cabling & Connectors

At DEM, we manufacture a large variety of custom cables to integrate communications systems across multiple platforms. A properly designed cable is essential for clear and consistent communication without interference. For this reason, we engineer the cabling utilized in our products for each application to ensure the highest level of audio/signal performance.

Like our other products, our cables are designed to withstand rugged physical use and exposure to harsh environments. To be used in aircraft, automobiles and military tanks, it is safe to say that our custom cables are strong and reliable. Our cables have strain reliefs designed to withstand pull forces up to 75 lbs. and 5,000 90° bends. 100% of our custom cables are QA/QC tested and inspected multiple times before shipment. This ensures you and your customers are getting a product that can be counted upon.

Truly Custom

We can manufacture custom cables with virtually any connector type and configuration in multiple colors and lengths, including coiled cables. Our team of designers and engineers can produce a solution for almost any of your cable assembly needs. We can integrate PCBAs into splices or custom fabricated connector housings. We design cables for IP6, IP7 and up to 20-meter submersible operation.

Our well-rounded team of cabling experts is ready to work on your next project. Please contact us today to start the discussion.