Tooling Design & Fabrication

Tooling Design & Fabrication

Our ability to design and fabricate tooling for injection molding and production fixturing for assemblies sets us apart from our competition. Whether it’s a low-volume electronic assembly or a high-volume plastic component, we consistently design and fabricate high quality injection mold tools at a lower cost and more quickly.

Our Approach

Because we have full control of the injection mold design process, we can design a given part and associated tool for efficient manufacturability. In most cases, we can take your product from concept to full-scale production in ten (10) weeks or less. This minimizes the overall production cost without sacrificing quality.

As your molded plastic product manufacturer, we offer a variety of options that suit your needs and budget. A large volume of our tooling is fabricated with Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), utilizing high grade stainless steel. This results in an extremely robust, long-lasting mold. For lower volume projects, we offer aluminum molds and 3D printed injection mold cavities. These are great options for prototypes and short-run productions, as they can reduce the cost of traditional tooling.

We Are Your Partner

At DEM, we are your partner. Frequently we invest our own capital and engineering services to design and fabricate plastic tooling. If you prefer to own the plastic mold design and tooling associated with your product, we accommodate by providing an upfront proposal that includes design and injection mold fabrication services.