Engineering Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our product engineering services are second to none at DEM. Once a product’s design has been established and agreed upon by the project stakeholders, our mechanical and electrical engineering teams begin a detailed process. During this phase of the project, 3D renderings are turned into fully parametric 3D design files while materials and componentry are selected.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design Process

For products containing electronic components, our mechanical and electrical engineering teams work synergistically to assure optimum function and packaging for the device. At DEM, we understand the ability to move quickly translates directly to your bottom line. As an asset to this phase, our team can source custom printed circuit boards in as little as 24 hours.

Once the electronic circuitry is designed, laid out and optimized, components and materials will be finalized and procured. From here the tooling design process begins.

Precisely Engineered for Manufacturability

Because we are a turnkey manufacturer and product engineering company, both the component(s) and tooling are deliberately engineered for manufacturability. Each product is vetted for fit, form, and function at the engineering level, prior to final design release. All production level product assembly is rehearsed with 3D prototypes, prior to build. This ensures a smooth transition into the manufacturing phase.

This phase concludes with a documentation package that includes detailed drawings, specifications, bill of materials (BOM), and preliminary work instructions to facilitate production of the First Article (FA).

At DEM, our product engineering capabilities include:

Electrical Engineering

  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Functional circuit testing and analysis

Mechanical Engineering

  • Full Component Design
  • Materials Engineering
  • Component Selection
  • Tooling Design
Electrical Engineering