Manufacturing Manufacturing

Our value extends far beyond a traditional plastic injections molding manufacturer or electrical component manufacturer. At DEM, we combine a unique set of skills to produce highly durable and specialized products. The design and engineering phases set the stage for us to deliver your product.

Mechanical Engineering

The manufacturing process at DEM is well-defined and organized into 4 stages:

1. Procurement

All necessary materials and components are purchased, and tooling is fabricated. This typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Once the materials and tooling are at our facility, the Bill of Material (BOM) will be organized by our inventory specialists and delivered to the production team assembler.

2. First Article (FA)

Next, the assembler uses the draft work instruction created by the engineering team to build the FA. All work instructions are in a digital format and released to the production floor for viewing at one of our touchscreen workstations.


The engineers remain engaged with the production team throughout the FA process to ensure accuracy of the work instructions and manufacturability of the product. This collaborative process invites critique of the manufacturing phase and drives improvements to the work instructions. Once the FA has been built, it’s tested for mechanical and electrical functionality. Upon passing all testing requirements, it is approved by the engineering manager. Lastly, the first article will be delivered to you for evaluation; the final gate in the design approval process.

3. Production

Once the FA has been built and signed off on by both the customer and DEM, full-scale production begins. At this stage of the process any necessary tools or fixturing are manufactured to facilitate an efficient and consistent production process.

Once full-scale production is available, we have the capability to deliver product quickly; typically, in less than 4 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the project. Whether it’s a few hundred pieces, or tens of thousands, our production facility houses a diverse set of skilled workers, equipment and knowledge to meet your manufacturing needs.


4. Testing

Many of the products we manufacturer at DEM are subjected to several types and rounds of testing before they are approved for shipment. In fact, most electronic assemblies are tested for functionality no less than three times per piece by our QA/QC staff. In cases where environmental testing, including waterproofing is required, we can conduct IP ingress and submersion testing up to 30 meters. Although not a certified lab, our testing capabilities help to provide peace of mind and assurance that the product is designed for its unique application.


At DEM, we are a product manufacturing company focused on understanding our client’s goals and we make it our mission to deliver a product that exceeds expectations!